Monday, August 2, 2010

Aeneas Williams And Three Guys Named "HOF."

Hard to believe considering the relative quality of everything else in ChiStlAz, but Aeneas Williams is the only one of the Cards' all-time starting D-backfield to not be in the HOF. Larry Wilson is, Roger Werhli is, and Dick "Night Train" Lane is.

That sort of quality is like finding Alcantara leather in a Geo Metro, but when you're the Cardinals you take these things where you can find them.

Taking it for granted that Williams will make it into the Hall of Fame -- and while nothing is ever for certain, keeping an eight-time All-Something like Williams out of Canton would be like barring George Bush from the Former Presidents Club just because he spent eight years thinking he was still president of the Texas Rangers -- only one other team will have the distinction of an all-time all-HOF D-backfield, and it's not obvious either.

That team is .... wait for it ... the Detroit Lions, who invented the modern defensive backfield and got three Hall of Famers out of it (including Lane), with Lem Barney coming along later. Williams, the pending Hall of Famer, may be the best of the Cards' bunch, though it's always hard to vote against the inventors of the horsecollar and the safety blitz.

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