Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mickey Slaughter: Oh, The Carnage

The Denver Broncos' quarterbacks of the mid-'60s were so horrible Topps felt compelled to issue cards of all of them. There was John McCormick, who came over to the AFL from the Minnesota Vikings, had two great games, hurt his knee, and was never able to do anything more, quarterback-wise, than pose for cards peering down an imaginary field. (What would he be thinking in a situation like that? "Boy, since I'm totally immobile I'm glad this is just pretend"? "Boy, I'm glad the worst offensive line in pro football is playing in front of that other guy"?) There was Jacky Lee, who took time out from being the backup to Don Trull — who, experts agree, is being groomed to one day be one of the fine quarterbacks in this league — to be the backup in Denver for a season. There were Max Choboian and Scotty Glacken, who really were too awful to even be shown on a football card. There was Tobin Rote, who was 70 when he wound up his career with the Broncos in 1966. And there was the aptly named Mickey Slaughter, who, as you can tell from his card, liked to bowl. "Mickey has all the leadership abilities to be one of the greats in football," his card back read. Maybe so. But he was playing for the Broncos.
-- From the original Football With 1 Stick Gum, 1999.

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